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DISCLAIMER: The data used in this article is just an example of the average cost that would go for NUOS water heating system by Ariston water heaters. The cost is influenced by the price of energy resources and hence it tends to change on a regular basis. The article is just to provide you with an idea of how much saving Ariston NUOS water heaters can bring and what sort of financial committment you will be looking at when buying an Ariston water heater.

Ariston has revealed new figures comparing the running costs of its NUOS to other forms of water heating. The data reveals the floor-standing unvented cylinder with integrated air source heat pump is over $400 cheaper to run than electric-only products, as well as significantly lower in price when compared to LPG and oil-fired systems.
Energy prices are always at the forefront of end users’ minds, so Ariston have attempted to bring in light an idea on just how much customers save by installing a NUOS heat pump water heater in comparison to other forms of heating. Lets say electricity costs 14.5 cent/kWh, LPG 7.6 cent/kWh and domestic oil 6.0 cent/kWh. Natural gas would be lower at 4.8 cent/kWh. So, the ratio between natural gas and electricity prices is 3:1. We can calculated that  NUOS has an annual cost of $227 to heat 200-litres of domestic hot water, which is only slightly higher than a gas boiler. The real revelation, however, is that compared to electric heating – which has an annual cost of $635 – as well as LPG ($339) and oil ($254), there is a clear benefit to installing NUOS, either as a direct replacement for electric-only hot water storage, or in conjunction with an LPG or oil-fired heating system.