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Ariston water heating company is well known for providing the market with some of the most technologically advanced products in the field of water heating. Their products are known for reliability and innovation. They have various different types of water heater that fit any type of need of the customers. Below is a list of few of the types of water heaters that are provided by Aritson Water Heaters.

Up to -20% energy consumption compared to traditional water heaters.
Ariston Velis is an electric water heater designed to heat, in the shortest possible time, the ideal amount of wat er for the first shower and then remember the user’s habits, optimizing consumption.
Andris and Artes are Ariston’s ranges of compact, low and medium capacity water heaters.The new Artes products are designed horizontally, for greater installation versatility, and feature an electronic control interface, fast water heating capacity and maximum thermic insulation.

Ariston Next Evo gas-fired water heaters stand out for the “Smart Memory” system, which remembers the habits of each user t osupply water at the right temperature.
The “Ultra Silent” system reduces noise, while the carbon monoxide alarm ensures maximum security. The Next Evo range of gas water heaters has been extended with a number of sealed chamber versions, which are the best solutions in terms of safety and hygiene.


It covers up to 70% of hot water needs and up to 20% of heating needs.
The Ariston Kairos Combi system combines solar energy integration with instant water heating. Kairos XP 2.5-1 is a 2.5 m2 flat-plate collector, easy to install and maintain, among the top of its class for reliability and efficiency.
Elco Auron DF is a vacuum tube direct flow collector, heating water and supplementing domestic and industrial heating. The system’s assembly ensures installation flexibility and an optimal orientation of the absorber.

Up to -80% energy consumption compared to traditional water heaters.
Nuos Plus is a new, high capacity, monoblock heat pump fitted with a series of technological innovations that maximize energy efficiency while reducing noise. Nuos Plus is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the A+ product class that are to come into force in 2017.