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Ariston Water Heaters come in various shapes and sizes. They have water heaters for every need and they range from solar water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage water heaters to hybrid water heaters. As each water heater has a specific mechanism that makes it unique it would be difficult to explain troubleshooting for each water heater. Below is an explanation of troubleshooting for some of the problems that occur with ariston hot water heaters.

Water does not get hot
How to test water heater element
1. Make sure the power supply is on and working.
2. If light does not come on, check that the reset button is pushed in; follow steps from previous section.
3. If the indicator light works properly but temperature does not get hot a tap, test for a plumbing crossover; shut off cold supply to heater and open hot water tap. There should be no water flowing. Any continued flow indicates a crossover which will effect the temperature and will need to be corrected.
4. Call a qualified service technician to test the resistance of the heating element (8-10 ohms). Heating element should be replaced if readings are outside these values."

Light does not come ON
1. If the light does not come on, but water gets hot, check for faulty bulb.
2. Check reset button; follow steps from previous section.

Brown water
1. Brown or rusty water indicates a “spent” anode rod. Replace anode rod.
Sacrifical anodce rod depletes over time

Smelly water
1. Smelly water could be due to an unusual reaction between local water and the heater’s anode rod. Check anode rod (see previous section on anode rod).

Water is too hot

1. Remove cover plate and turn the temperature selector dial counter clockwise to lower temperature. If temperature never lowers then replace thermostat. (see manual).

1. Clean sediment out of tank using shop vac and piece of garden hose
2. Clean element with white vinegar or replace element.

Water not hot enough
1. Adjust the temperature selector dial clockwise to increase temperature
2. Replace thermostat
3) Check if line has 80% rated voltage.
4) Check if single-handle faucet has bad cartridge = crossover
5) Clean sediment out of tank

Leaking water heater
1. Check water fittings and T & P fitting on top of tank.
2. Remove front cover and inspect heating element gasket.
3. If tank is leaking call Bosch Water Heating for warranty claim if still within warranty period.