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Ariston Water Heaters come in various shapes and sizes. They have water heaters for every need and they range from solar water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage water heaters to hybrid water heaters. There are numerous water heaters by Ariston that top the market for hot water heaters. Hence providing a list of all of them would take a while. On top of that, listings of leading product change season to season as customers move on from one product to another. Below is a list of few of the most famous water heaters that are available by Ariston.

It is that simple, instant hot water with a turn of knob. Ariston’s latest range of instant water heater provides the ultimate satisfaction in hot water shower. Every model is designed aesthetically with a luxury showerhead. In addition, Ariston instant water heaters come with a host of safety features which assure you a more secure bath.
Power: 3.0kW
Volt: 230V
Ampere: 13A
Min. Water Flow: 2 lit/min
Max. Water Flow: 7 lit/min
Min. Water Pressure: 10/0.1 kPa/Bar
Max. Water Pressure: 600/6 kPa/Bar
Water Connection: 1/2, 15 " BSP
Temperature Reputation (Stepless Electronic control):
Ingress Protection (IP25) Water Proofing Casing
Weight: 3kg
Upgraded UL approval heating technology - UL approval highly reliable heating element
Safety protection - Built-in auto water flow-sensor device switch
Safety protection - Upgraded anti-scalding thermal safety design
Electronic variable power temperature control
3-in-1 compact stop, flow and filter valve design
Suitable for high and low water pressure
Warranty: 5 years on heating elements
Safety Mark Number: 131252-11

An elegantly designed heater, the Ti-Shape series is designed to allow multi-points usage for use in the bathroom(s) and kitchen simultaneously. Its flexible installation allows you to find the perfect place for your heater. The outstanding Titanium enamel tank protection guarantees the highest durability of inner tank.
Capacity: 15 Litres
Power: 1.5 KW
Voltage: 230V
Heating Time (Delta T=45C): 0:35
Max working temperature: 75°C
Heat dispersion: 0.53 kWh/24h
Max working pressure: 8 bar
Weight: 7.4kg
Inner Tank Steel Thickness (average): 1.8mm
Insulation Thickness (average): 25mm
Titanium glasslined inner tank
Oversized magnesium anode
External temperature control
Temperature control
Thermostat with bipolar safety device
Overpressure safety valve
Ecological thick polyurethane foam insulation
Warranty: 5 years on tank
Safety Mark Number: 032004-11

- Easy and flexible installation
- Two different diameters: Regular (450mm) and Slim (353mm)
- Exclusive enameled tank protection
- Horizontal installation
- External temperature regulation
- Large anticorrosion magnesium anode
- High efficiency insulation material
- Easy maintenance
- Wide range of capacities
- Worry-free Total Safety System (TSS)
- Suitable for concealed ceiling hidden installation
Capacity: 30 Litres
Power: 3 kW
Voltage: 230V
Heating Time (Delta T=35°C): 0:26
Max. Working Temperature: 65°C
Heat dispersion: 0.74 kWh/24hr
Max Working Pressure: 8 bar
Net Weight: 13 kg
Inner Tank Steel Thickness (average): 1.8 mm
Warranty: 5 years on tank
Safety Mark Number: 130148-11